Shai Rilov


I am a freelancer living in Haifa, Israel. I am a fluent English speaker as I have lived abroad some years.

I graduated from graphic design at Wizo, with a certificate for Outstanding Student of the Year in the field.
I served as a medic/designer/animator for 3 years in the IDF, making videos, comics, posters, textbooks etc to help paramedics course members study how to save lives in a visual and memorable manner.
I currently study sustainability at the Heschel trustee program.

It seems to me that visual aids are at the highest importance today, for everything that needs to be accessibly communicated to make the world a better place. I love infographics and beautiful visualizations that make things 'click' in your mind.

I have skills in the following Adobe programs, from most experienced to least:
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Premiere

I also translate Hebrew <-> English and have experience with subtitle translation.

I enjoy drawing in my spare time, I try to incorporate my skill into my designs and vice versa.

I'm a kind of a social entrepreneur, developing an initiative called Robin Food ( which challenges the global and local issue of food waste.

I am constantly readjusting my style and skills, from drawing to designing to illustrating.

My preferred areas of work are infographics, logos, fliers, posters, apparel, business cards, editorial illustrations.

I'm up for any challenge, let me know if you need something done.