Mangal – Final Vizo Project

Vizo School of Art and Design

Final project for Vizo High School in Graphic Design, 2011.

The challenge: design a product and a company image for a topic relating to what we believe to be Israeli. I chose the Israeli barbecue (“mangal”) culture and manipulated its grotesque nature, (bringing out the MAN in MANgal) turning it into the face of the company in the form of a bald, sweaty man, with rude phrases and slogans.
I also physically created a product, a mobile BBQ for use on Israel’s Independence Day, a popular day for using the “mangal” in Israel. Its shape resembles that of the the Star of David.

I received a grade of 100 of both the physical and graphic parts of the project, and was chosen as the Outstanding Student in Graphic Design for the year.